Out of the Blues-Ebrahim  «Part Two»)

Out of the Blues-Ebrahim «Part Two»)

قصة نبى الله إبراهيم الجزء الثانى -معجزات السماء

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"Did you ever try to put different pieces of a puzzle, one in each corner of the house, only to turn around and find the pieces magically brought back together again? Yes! Just like that! Or did you ever prepare a BIG fancy dinner party one special night, only to find yourself eating alone? Then the next thing you know, your friends show up with a HUMONGOUS gift? Yes! Just like that! The story of Prophet Abraham is full of surprises. Right when you think there s no hope... think again! Because sometimes amazing things happen... Out of the BLUES! An Arabic & English series that presents the
lives of the Prophets in a new simple
style." ان قصة نبى الله ابراهيم تمتلىء بالمفاجأت لذا اذا فقدت الأمل ففكرمرة أخرى لأنه احياناتحدث امور عجيبة .. هى معجزات السماء
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