When nothing is certain, Everything is possible

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My son reminded me that it must get worse before it gets better, that there is a silver lining in everywhere we go and everything we do, yet it is on us to choose to see it or not! There were days where we thought this is it… this is the end of the tunnel and hey no light here! And there, right there at rock bottom is where I witnessed, experienced and lived the true definition of…rise again.

We live one life that can change in a blink of an eye and without giving us any notice! So, the question is…are you strong enough to look this sudden change in the eye and stand for it? Can you smile when you feel like breaking down? Are you capable of embracing the different emotions of fear, anger and feeling helpless… while still believing that patience is the way to a promised happiness?

A true story from a mom’s perspective about a young hero who inspired thousands of people, with his bravery to fight late stages of cancer 4 different times. A book that stands as a true motivation and inspiration to everyone no matter what battle they are fighting
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