the seven adventures

the seven adventures

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For everyone who supports me.

For my mother, dad, my sister Haidy, and my brothers Ayman and Eyad

For my Grandmother and my Aunt Manal who read my stories very quickly and give me their opinions.

For my friends: Amira Elzeny, Abrar Mohamed, Abeer Zaher, Nayera Hamdy, Ghada Farrag, Kholoud Mohamed, Karam Mabrouk, Amira Hamza, Nourhan Mohamed, Fatma Albarody, Aya Abdelfatah, Aliaa Mohamed, Aya Elsoudy, Nada Samy, Esraa Hussein, Nada Ahmed who encourages me to publish the book and give me their opinions.

I wish that this book will present a benefit for the all, and enjoy it. I wish that it will obtain your admiration.

Thank you
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