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Inside these stories there is nothing but panic, painful cries, mysterious things I told myself and I do not know how they got to me, and for this I advise you not to read it before bed, do not read it when you are alone, do not throw it in the ears of children, do not tell it especially to girls so that you do not live a few silly minutes of life. Their methods of showing their trembling, do not read it to those with chronic diseases, those with a light shade, those who have weak hearts that cannot bear surprises..

Basically don't read it!

Accept my apologies for wasting your time in this introduction, but I wrote it to absolve me of your money that I spent to buy this work, and if you read these words to look before buying, then your money is halal oh this one, do not waste it on nonsense.
لم يتم العثور على نتائج